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Julianne Warshany English 105-21 Professor von Uhl Essay #1 Dangers of Marketing Culture Dangers are everywhere. No matter where one goes, one will face some sort of danger. However, the dangers of marketing culture are increasing to this day. Take a look back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. Many situations and events were portrayed much differently than they are today. The dangers of commodified culture are taking a toll on our society today; such dangers include new technology, celebrities, and even advertisements because they are influencing many young girls and boys in ways that would have never happened years ago. Without question, technology is constantly changing and improving. In many ways, the improvements are for the better. However, with the latest technology that is being marketed, it seems that it is harder to find privacy anywhere. For example, not only does a majority of the population have cell phones that make it easier to contact anyone you want, companies have made cell phones with a camera on it. To some, that does not mean much. On the other hand, a young girl that was about 17 years old was going out with some guy. They got really close and she would send him pictures of herself without a shirt on with her camera phone. She figured there was no problem with that because he was her boyfriend and she could do what she wanted. Unfortunately, for her, when they broke up a few months later he decided to send out those pictures to everyone on his contact list. What she sent him was private and for his eyes only, but since she sent it over the cell phones he had it saved on there and it was easily accessible for him whenever he wanted it. If he did not have that picture on his phone it would have been very hard to get the picture around school. Being able to receive anything through a camera phone can become extremely dangerous because people are not getting the kind of privacy that everyone
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used to have. Anyone can take a picture or a video of anything and be able to send it to whomever they want. Also, students in school can take pictures of their test and send them out
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Essay #1 - Julianne Warshany English 105-21 Professor von...

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