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Animal Science 160 Introduction to Animal Science Beef Section Instructor: Aaron E. Fisher, Instructor, Animal Science 213B Brehm Animal Science; 974-8941; Text: Introduction to Animal Science - Global, Biological, Social, and Industry Perspectives W. Stephen Damron, Third Edition, 2006. Grading: There will also be a 20 point group presentation over a management tool used within the beef industry. Additionally, there will be an 80 point exam. Beef Section - 100 points Date Topic Recommended Reading Feb 6 (W)
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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to beef industry 314-325 Purpose, history, structure, geography Feb 11 (M) Reproductive management and herd health 216-234; 330-331; 283-286 Feb 13 (W) Nutrition and digestive system 74-79; 98-103; 105-109; Forages 116-117; 331-333 Feb 15 (F) Carcass merit 305-309; 337-345 Market factors, brand marketing Future industry trends Feb 18 (M) Genetic selection 160-174; 325-330 Breeding programs, crossbreeding Feb 20 (W) EPD and pedigrees Group Presentations (20 points) Feb 22 (F) Beef Exam (80 points)...
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