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advertisement analysis

advertisement analysis - magazine I believe it is meant to...

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Stephanie Jimenez Advertisement Analysis Professor Emery B-3 Effect of Advertisements on Youth Advertising and media companies have several ways of reaching its audiences and grabbing their attention. The media knows what is “in” and what will influence people to buy a certain product or believe a certain idea. “Lucky” is a magazine for shopping and style and is targeted mainly towards women between the ages of 18-35. One of the ads they had were for Camel cigarettes, it was one of the few cigarette advertisements in the magazine. This ad was very different than most of the other ads because it was a different type of paper, more like poster board, to possibly make it seem higher in value. It is also very colorful and youthful looking. When young teenagers look at this it appears to be stylish, especially since it’s in a style
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Unformatted text preview: magazine. I believe it is meant to target young girls, mainly because of the color schemes. Teenage girls will look at this and think to themselves; here is a cigarette that is made for me, a cigarette that is feminine and stylish. The bright pink and black backgrounds make it more attractive than other cigarette ads that are usually targeting a male audience. These cigarette companies know they have more male smokers so they probably want to reach out to the female population, so they target young girls with their flashy advertisements. Companies are able to persuade their consumers with tactics that make the product more desirable, much like this Camel advertisement. 1...
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