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mactyler paper

mactyler paper - Stephanie Jimenez MacTyler Writing...

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Stephanie Jimenez 11/20/07 MacTyler Writing Assignment Team B-3 The Kid People are constantly being told how to behave, what to do with their lives, and how to conform to society . It is a natural instinct to obey the rules given by society and behave accordingly . Every human being plays a role in society, be it mother, son, teacher, student, doctor or policeman; everyone has a job to fulfill and expectations that go along with it . If these rules and expectations go unmet society has the ability to reject that person as a member of their community . One is taught roles by the people with whom one interacts and comes in constant contact with . One is influenced by the actions and behaviors of others and learns by observation . Close relationships build a stronger sense of self and create more profound roles in society . However ones’ roles can also be shaped by the people one meets one day and never sees again . Every person in society has an affect on other person, either directly or indirectly . These influences can either have a positive affect or negative affect on the behavior of a person . However, the closest possible and most influential person that some people can have in their life is their parents . A parent does not have to be a biological one for it can be shown that a surrogate parent still will have a tremendous impact on the life of the child . Children look up to and mimic the actions of their 1
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elders, especially their parents, and depending on how the parent acts, the child will behave in the same manner . In Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, the tramp and the little boy he cares for create a relationship with each other that is essential for their survival .
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mactyler paper - Stephanie Jimenez MacTyler Writing...

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