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Nutrition Analysis Project These are the instructions for completing the Nutrition analysis project. Failure to read and follow these instructions precisely will affect your grade for the project. If you have any questions do not hesitate to have me clarify them for you. Do not wait until the last week before it is due to complete this project. 1. There will be no excuses for turning this project in late. 2. Any project will be considered late if it is turned after the beginning class on the due date. 3. Each day late will result in 25% reduction in the project grade. There are 4 major parts to this project: Part 1 Keeping 3-day record of your diet Part 2 Doing a computerized analysis of those records Part 3 Gathering data from your diet analysis and lifestyle. Part 4 Analysis of your diet and lifestyle. This part of the project must be typed. Untyped portions will not be accepted and will be given a grade of “0” Instructions for Part I: Diet Records Section A. Instructions for keeping a three-day diet record For this project you will need to keep a three-day diet record. For this to be meaningful and helpful you must 1. Be as accurate as you possibly can. 2. Choose normal weekdays and weekend days to record your food intake and physical activity. Do not choose days that you do not eat normally. 3. Record each day’s diet making note of the date. 4. Start each record with the first meal of the day 5. Record the type and amount of food that was eaten over that 24 hour period. This includes everything that you consumed during that time (beverages, dressings, gravies, sauces, etc). 6. Specify how the food was prepared (fried, baked, roasted, creamed, etc). (Refer to the example below for how to record information.) Note: You don’t have to separately type this part of the project. The computer analysis program will give you a typed copy of your diet record.
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Part 2: Analysis of Nutrient Intake In this part of the project you will determine your intake of all the essential nutrients by entering your the information from your 3-day diet records into the online diet analysis program called Diet Analysis Plus 8 (new texts came with an code for accessing the program online. Those who bought used texts will have to go the site and purchase a code. Once you have accessed the online program you need to do the following: 1. Click on the Tutorial and learn how to use the program 2. Enter your diet information into the program 3. Printout the reports NOTE: It is very common for students to enter the wrong quantity for a food or foods they have eaten. For example, they will incorrectly enter they ate 2 loaves of bread instead of 2 slices. Another common error is to enter 8 ozs of concentrated orange juice rather than 8 ounces of orange juice made from concentrate. Before you printout your reports it is important to check that you have correctly and accurately entered your food items. The best way to do this is to first look at the total calories you ate on each day. If
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Nut_Analysis_Project_Spring_2008 - Nutrition Analysis...

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