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Study Guide for Team Exam 2 - Study Guide for Natural...

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Study Guide for Natural Science Team A Exam 2 (November 27 th at 1 p.m. in JSA) You need to know the following people for this exam. 1. Charles Darwin (Larson readings) a. Pangenesis, had no real method of inheritance 2. Jakob Schleiden (Lecture) a. different parts of the plant organism are composed of cells 3. Theodore Schwann (Lecture) b. proved the cellular origin and development of the most highly differentiated tissues c. Schwann cells 4. Rudolph Vichow (Lecture) d. Omnis cellula e cellula ("every cell originates from another existing cell like it." 5. Walther Flemming (Lecture) e. founder of the study of cytogenetics f. discovered mitosis 6. Edouard van Beneden (Lecture) g. Discovered how chromosomes combined during reproduction. 7. August Weismann (Lecture) h. Advocated the germ plasm theory, according to which (in a multicellular organism) inheritance only takes place by means of the germ cells—the gametes such as egg cells and sperm cells. Other cells of the body—somatic cells—do not function as agents of heredity. 8. Theodor Boveri (Lecture) i. Work with sea urchins showed that it was necessary to have all chromosomes present in order for proper embryonic development to take place. j. Discovered the centrosome 9. Walter Sutton (Lecture) k. The Mendelian laws of inheritance could be applied to chromosomes at the cellular level of living organisms. 10. Richard Goldschmidt (Lecture) l. Considered the first to integrate genetics, development, and evolution 11. m. Made known at least 1,000 new species n. Paleontologist 12. o. Also discovered many fossils, competed with Cope 13. Louis Dollo (Lecture) p. Evolution impossible to reverse q. Basically, odds against following same evol. path twice 14. Henry Fairfield Osborn (Lecture) r. Assembled massive fossil collection 15. Herbert Spencer (Lecture)
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a. Coined term “survival of the fittest” 16. a. Founded Cambridge eugenics society, 1911 b. 1916: The Correlation b/w Relatives…of Mendelian Inheritance 17. Sewall Wright (Lecture) a. Worked with R.A. Fisher i. omputing the amount of inbreeding of members of populations as a result of random genetic drift a. Calculated gene frequencies 18. b. With Fisher and Wright, founded population genetics 19. George Gaylord Simpson (Lecture) a. Studied fossils under Matthew and Gregory b. Insisted fossils did not show goal-oriented evolution c. Gaps in fossil record result of quantum evolution 20. Edmund Beecher Wilson (Lecture) a. Discovered sex chromosomes, 1906 b. Classified species based on embryonic development 21. a. Bred fruit flies b. Found each chromosome to have thousands of genes, discovered
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Study Guide for Team Exam 2 - Study Guide for Natural...

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