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Blair Brejtfus 7664162 Art Studio 1A Nead Summary 1. Framing the Female Body: In this essay, Nead writes about the importance of form in art. The piece should be looked at with attention to both the exterior element of the piece but also the interior. The orifices of the body are important because they are the entrance/holes in the boundary of the body. This boundary of the female body is important because the symbolization involved with it is important to a piece, such as to show chastity, sexuality, or, as mentioned, even medicine. As in Giovanni Battista’s piece, Chastity , the figure of a woman has a sieve in her lap, which symbolizes her purity. The sieve is full of water but is watertight so that none can get out. This sieve represents the “ideal, hermetically sealed female body.” Another artist, Mapplethorpe, does black and white photography using graphite on the body to help accentuate the form but also to transform it. In doing this, Mapplethorpe has turned the natural female body into somewhat of a sculpture itself. In these different forms of the female body, one common factor exists, the use of the body as representation for the art to express the meaning it possesses. 2. A Discourse on the Naked and the Nude: Kenneth Clark’s The Nude was published in 1956 and focused on the “specific classical and idealizing tradition of representation.” Clark was a prominent Englishman who was well respected for many things including a television show. Clark made his footprint on art history because, although his contributions may be overshadowed by more recent developments,
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ARTSESSAYs - Blair Brejtfus 7664162 Art Studio 1A Nead...

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