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ART1A fiction - weapons in their arsenal to psychologically...

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David Taff Thursday 3PM 1/27/08 7685621 Summary of “Fiction” In Edward Branigan’s “Fiction”, Branigan tries to define what fiction really is. He describes that fiction is not considered lying. Fiction is not created with the intent to deceive; however, a lie is constructed for that sole reason. Branigan defines fiction when he states, “In my view, fiction involves a reference to a world whose shape is determined by a community.” Through this quote Branigan is explaining, that how one determines what fiction is to them, is definitely effected by the community they live in. From a psychological stand point there are two truths about fiction. The first being everything including fiction is true simply because it exists. The second truth is that there are too man objects of reference because every thought ever created is new and unique. Branigan also breaks down the idea of a documentary and questions whether or not a documentary is fiction or non-fiction. The creator of the documentary has various
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Unformatted text preview: weapons in their arsenal to psychologically tell the audience what they are seeing is the truth, despite the fact the documentary may be skewed to a certain belief. The voice-over God-like commentary is one of many tools the director would use to convince the audience of the authenticity of their work. Baringer also looks at a documentary calles Sans Soleil which is a documentary that stretches the limits of non-fiction film. It is much more closely related to a post-modern film than a documentary. Many aspects of post-modernism are used throughout the film, such as, middles without specific beginnings or ends, inconclusiveness, detachment, etc. The documentary was filmed solely by one man, and the narration to the film is voiced over, and supposedly narrated via letters from the cameraman. The film is what pushed the boundaries of documentaries, and helps to raise the question what truly is fiction and what truly is non-fiction....
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ART1A fiction - weapons in their arsenal to psychologically...

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