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ART1A garbriel - Mona Lisa was looked through the Nomadic...

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David Taff 7685621 Folk, Thursday 3PM 3/3/08 Garbiel Summary In Teshome Garbriel’s article, “Thoughts on Nomadic  Aesthetics and the Black Independent Cinema: Traces of  Journey,” Gabriel explores the ideas behind nomadic tradition  and art then relates theses ideas to black independent cinema.  Gabriel defines the three types of thought related Nomadic art  as, functional, spiritual, and aesthetic.   In Nomadic  traditions are is a “concept of reality”. For Nomads art is  always a part of their reality. Art is used to tells stories  and to past down ancestral tales. Nomadic art looks at time as  subjective. Time is just a part of life it doesn’t define  life.   In Nomadic art, nothing is absolute.  For example in  Western culture the  Mona Lisa  is considered time enduring  example of beauty. But if the 
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Unformatted text preview: Mona Lisa was looked through the Nomadic artistic lens there would be nothing lasting or timeless about it. One Nomad is quoted in saying that the Nomads don’t view their art as art, “…two nomads meet in conversation, while one talks, the other will take a stick in design in the sand… hour later, they would be gone, the design would be gone, the art would be gone.” In the second half of Gabriel’s article he explores the parallels between Nomadic aesthetics and black independent cinema. In many examples of black cinema concepts of journey is depicted. The theme of journey is definitely prevalent in Nomadic art and is also apparent in black cinema. Concepts of the Earth, Sun, and Moon are also prevalent in black cinema....
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ART1A garbriel - Mona Lisa was looked through the Nomadic...

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