Mid-Term - Megan Matal 1 Ludington The transformation of...

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Megan Matal 1 Ludington The transformation of Europe due to industrialization was possibly the biggest change that has occurred throughout all of history. Not only did industrialization impact Europe at the time, but ideas brought forth were later used in nations across the globe. A question that arises from the Industrial Revolution that historians have puzzled over for years is whether or not industrialization was beneficial or harmful to European society. There were obvious benefits such as the factories to produce better and more goods, a new working class identity, and easier trade among different geological areas. But were all these benefits worth children working 14 to 16 hours a day and people dying everyday because of horrible living conditions? Also, who gained and who lost during this time era? Did the middle class really get any further in life, or were the poor commoners still the ones that got the scraps of life? I believe, because of the progress that occurred during the Industrial Revolution, that it was not only beneficial to European society, but also to that of many other nations. Throughout the Industrial Revolution, many new inventions were brought forth into society. The spinning jenny being one of the first cotton spinning machines that could “be used in a cottage, and in many instances was so used” (Baines, p. 126), created a whole new way of spinning and weaving. Then there was the growth of factories, which were inventions in and of themselves. Inventions alone did not create an Industrial Revolution, but the outcome of such inventions prodded the industrial revolution into occurring. E.A. Wrigley states in his book “ Continuity, Chance, and Change” that “only
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Mid-Term - Megan Matal 1 Ludington The transformation of...

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