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March 20, 2008 I. Style and Delivery a. Style - Patterns of choices that the speaker makes that are attributed to the speaker by the audience to characterize or distinguish the speaker from others b. Effective style i. Accuracy 1. As a speaker responsible for accurate info ii. Appropriateness 1. Consider who audience is and what is appropriate for them c. Defining i. Operational – showing how something performs ii. Denotative – dictionary definition iii. Connotative – based on experience definition d. Clarity i. Make it easy to understand ii. Concrete words – relate to our five senses iii. Maxims – short statements familiar to audience
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Jargon – technical words v. Word economy – limiting your words vi. Active voice – focusing on who did what e. Rhythm i. Created from mood and pace we keep ii. If you have a good one, audience can pick it up iii. Repetition iv. Parallel wording v. Antithesis vi. Inversion of words – changing the order of words f. Vividness i. Presenting words that are compelling visually ii. Focus on creating a picture iii. Descriptions iv. Stories v. Similes vi. Alliteration vii. Onomatopoeia viii. Personification ix. Dialogue...
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