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Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor: Hua-Lun Huang, Ph.D. Spring 2008 Study Questions for Family/Marriage I. True/False Questions (Questions 1-25). The statement listed in each question may be true (T) or false (F). Please choose the suitable option . (F) 1. According to functionalists, men usually will play expressive roles in the family. T F (T) 2. The most common pattern of inter-racial marriages in modern America is those between White males and Asian women . T F (F) 3. In conflict theorists = view, both marriage and family play an important role in promoting social stability and harmony. T F (T) 4. According to 2000 U.S. Census, Asian American families have the lowest percentages of female-headed households. T F (F) 5. Family violence can either take place in high-income or low-income families. However, family violence of high-income families is more visible . T F (F) 6. One of the major organizing principles for newlyweds to establish a new family is patriarchy. Such a pattern includes features like matrilineal descent . T F (F) 7. According to studies, incest perpetrated by females usually is more serious than that committed by males. T F (T) 8. Single males, regardless of their racial background,
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usually will be preoccupied with females = physical attractiveness. T F (F) 9. Step-parent = s role in a step family usually is quite clear. T F (T) 10. One of the major causes of imbalanced sex ratios is girl infanticides. T F (T) 11. According to studies, single males usually will look for younger partners. T
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soc100.05 - Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor:...

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