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Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor: Hua-Lun Huang, Ph.D. Spring 2008 Study Questions for Sociological Investigation/Research I. True/False Questions (Questions 1-22). The statement listed in each question may be true (T) or false (F). Please choose the suitable option . (F) 1. Before we choose a given subject (mainstream or non-mainstream) as our research topic, the only thing we need to consider is whether the topic is sensitive. T F (T) 2. In some circumstances, the samples we choose are biased and will provide distorted information about the population. T F (F) 3. Income is an ordinal variable. T F (F) 4. The quality of our data is determined by validity only. T F (T) 5. Before the possible relation(s) between two concepts can be determined, we have to operationalize these two concepts (i.e., transforming these two concepts into variables). T F (F) 6. If you decide to interview, say, a terrorist, then in your questionnaire, your questions should be standardized . T F (F) 7. In sociology, the so called Hawthorne Effect means that the research method of participant observation , to
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an extent, will exhibit artificial effect. T F (F) 8. When sociologists use the method experiment to collect data, the subjects usually will be divided into two groups. Subjects who are in the control group will expose to the influence/treatment of a given independent variable. T
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soc100.02 - Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor...

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