SOC100.03 - Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor:...

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Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor: Hua-Lun Huang, Ph.D. Spring 2008 Study Questions for Culture I. True/False Questions (Questions 1-22). The statement listed in each question may be true (T) or false (F). Please choose the suitable option . (F) 1. Some cultures in modern world are pure (i.e., they have not never blended themselves with other cultures). T F (T) 2. Totally, there are nine civilizations/mainstream cultures in modern world. Of those cultures, Japanese culture is the least influential one. T F (T) 3. One of the chief factors that will prevent modern societies from creating a cosmopolitan culture in the world is cultural hegemony . T F (F) 4. Internet and mass media can change the content/feature of a given culture in a short period of time. Such a change, on the other hand, usually will cause intense conflicts among social groups/members. T F (T) 5. High culture is a culture created and shared by social elites, like Hollywood superstars. T F (F) 6. Many Americans frequently go to gyms or fitting centers to lose weight or to maintain attractive body shape. That means maintaining normal weight is one of the mores in America. T F (T) 7. Western culture (including American and West European cultures) is the dominant culture in the
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contemporary world. T
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SOC100.03 - Sociology 100 General Sociology Instructor:...

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