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The Kansas City Chiefs were named after the mayor of Kansas City H. Roe Bartle. He was a professional Scouter and spent a lot of his time learning about Native American culture, which is why his nickname was "The Chief." He created the Tribe of Mic-O-Say honor society within the Boy Scouts, and also persuaded Lamar Hunt, the team owner, to move the team to Kansas City. Some people would say that the team name is degrading and disrespectful to Native Americans, but the name actually comes from a man who knew a lot about Native American values and had a great deal of respect for them. The new York Knicks were originally called the Knickerbockers. This name comes from the kneckerbockers, or knckers that the Dutch colonists wore when they came here in the 17th Century. Knickerbockers have since become associated with New York City. "Father Knickerbocker" became synonymous with New York City and was drawn in cartoons to represent the City, like Uncle Sam is used to represent the US. The Philadelphia Bell were named after the Liberty Bell in the tower of
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