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1 COURSE: Philosophy 100 (Introduction to Philosophy) Fall, 2007 PROFESSOR : S. Jack Odell SYLLABUS: COURSE DESCRIPTION : An introduction to the principles, concepts, methods, questions, theories, applications, and subdivisions of philosophy-- metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics and aesthetics. Among the philosophers we will cover are: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Anselm, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Bentham, Mill, Bertrand Russell, Bernard Williams, A. J. Ayer, J. L. Austin, L. Wittgenstein, John Searle, Paul Churchland, and Thomas Nagel. TEXT : Perry and Bratman, Introduction to Philosophy, 4 th edition. REQUIREMENTS : Good attendance and participation, two examinations, a 5-10 page paper, and a final. All exams will be in the short answer and essay format. The two semester exams will each count for 100 points, the paper for 50 pts., and the final for 200 points. Participation in discussion sections will count for 50 points. OFFICE NUMBER : 1120-A Skinner Building OFFICE PHONE NUMBER : 301-405-5844 OFFICE HOURS : By appointment. EXAMINATION SCHEDULE : First Examination. .......................... Tuesday, October 2 nd. Second Examination. .................. …Tuesday, November 6 th . Final Examination. .......................... Thursday, December 13 th 8 a.m.—10 a.m. PAPER SCHEDULE : 1 st draft: Friday, November 16 th . Final draft: last discussion section. DEFINITIONS AND EXERCISES: metaphysics : That branch of philosophy concerned with kinds of being or questions like, “What kinds of things are there ultimately?,” “Does God exist?,” “Do universals exist?” etc. monism : The metaphysical theory that there is ultimately only one kind of being. materialism : The monistic view that the only kind of being is material being. idealism: The monistic view that the only kind of being is mental or spiritual being. dualism: The metaphysical view that there are two and only two kinds of being—material and mental or spiritual being. pluralism : The metaphysical view that there are more than two kinds of being. epistemology : That branch of philosophy concerned with the nature, limits, and kinds of knowledge. logic : That branch of philosophy concerned with the analysis and formal evaluation of argumentation. term : A word or expression used to refer to an individual or class of things. distribution: A property of terms. A term that is distributed is one that is used to refer to all the things to which it can refer. The A form distributes its subject term only, the E distributes both its subject and its predicate terms, the I neither, and the O its predicate term only. See below ( syllogism ) for an explanation of A, E, I, and O forms. singularly referring term:
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Philosophy100SyllabusandDefinitionsF-1 - COURSE Philosophy...

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