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Unformatted text preview: Study Questions for Philosophy 100 final Fall 07 The final will have two parts. Part I It will cover the entire course. It will be based upon the definitions list. You will be given a list of 17 terms and asked to define 15. Each definition will be worth 6 pts. Total: 90 pts. Part II It will cover the material since last examination. You will be given three of the following questions, and asked to answer two of the three. They will be worth 55 pts each. (1) Explain and critically discuss folk based practice consequentialism . Be sure to include the following concepts and issues: exceptions to moral rules; abbreviations; modification; resemblance to science; confirmation; solution to the puzzles raised about integrity; what it has to say about cloning and active euthanasia (2)Explain and critically discuss act utilitarianism. Be sure to include in your discussion the following concepts: the subjective versus objective formulation of act utilitarianism; the inclusive formulation of the subjective formulation of act utilitarianism; the collective interpretation of subjective act utilitarianism of...
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