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Chapter 19 Questions

Chapter 19 Questions - something like"i held up my...

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1.) he gave me $750 worth of stuff for luckys, no one would do that unless they thought theyd be  getting the lucks for free 2.) he knew i lived in college park, anyone who was familiar with the area would know 3.) when he gave me the cash, i put it in my back left pocket and didnt take it out again. after the  mugger took the shoes, he asked me what else i had, but like he knew i had something. he reached in  my back pocket and took the cash. he didnt check any other pockets, including my jacket pockets. we  had done the meetup at an urban outfitters, and this guy definitely was not the type to shop at urban  outfitters, i can tell you that for sure, so theres no way he could have seen me putting the cash in my  pocket 4.) after i told avenger that the lucks hadnt shipped out, if he was innocent he would have said 
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Unformatted text preview: something like "i held up my side of the bargain, and i didnt rob u, so now you need to send out the luckys" But he didnt, he was already satisfied b/c he had my shit (not to mention the shoes and $ he gave me to begin with). he was probably hoping that the luckys would have already shipped out. 5.) If I wanted to scam him, I simply would have said that he tried to give me fakes in the meetup and I went home without them. think about it 1.) If you have ever used the word "neckbreakers" to describe shoes, you are gay. this word should only be applied to hot girls 2.) Wearing expensive sneakers doesnt make you cool, youre still completely gay despite your supremes and matching hoody 3.) in fact, your matching hoody is gay. especially if it is neon or hot pink 4.)...
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