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List of terms for the final exam PHIL 100, Fall 07 epistemology: axiology (value theory) idealism (metaphysical) dualism distribution: syllogism: validity animism: monotheism deism: Gedankenexperiment: theological concept of God: reductio ad absurdum analytic sentence (= tautology) synthetic sentence = contingency epistemological rationalism empiricism secondary qualities: classical philosophical skepticism philosophical skepticism: possible for/possible that distinction
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Unformatted text preview: descriptive ethics: ethically or morally obligatory: ethically or morally permitted deontological ethical theories: axiological ethical theories divine command theory: Kant's Categorical Imperative 1st formulation psychological egoism: ethical egoism consequentialist ethical theories inclusive formulation of subjective act utilitarianism rule utilitarianism FBPC: Folk Based practice consequentialism or "folk ethics”...
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