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Study Questions for Philosophy 100 2 nd examination: Fall, 2007 Dr. Odell 1. Define or explain the following terms, and identify the source for d., e, and i (5 pts. each). a. deontological ethical theories b. divine command theory c. first formulation of Kant’s categorical imperative d. the distinction between “the way” and “the attainment” e. ineffability and noetic quality as necessary conditions of a mystical experience f.. descriptive ethics. g. Kant’s 1 st formulation of the “Categorical Imperative” (Odell’s version) h. anthropomorphism i.. existence precedes essence j. argument from design 2. Expound and critically discuss the theological definition of God, be sure to show how it gives rise to the problem of evil, and also discuss the problems concerning the concept of omnipotence (50 pts.). 3. Explain and critically discuss Odell’s naturalistic explanation of the origins of religion. Be sure to include within your discussion the following concepts:
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Unformatted text preview: precursor to science; creative genius; animism; Greek religion or polytheism; monotheism; frozen metaphysics; and anthropomorphism (50pts.). 4. Expound and criticize or defend Kantian ethics. Be sure to include in your discussion the following concepts and issues: the first and second formulations of the categorical imperative; Odell’s formulation and critique of the first formulation including whether or not it is a necessary condition for moral or ethical obligation (50pts.). 5. Explain Nagel’s view that life is absurd, also explain both Odell’s critique of Nagel and his own view regarding the meaning of life, and who do you think is right? Defend your answer (50 pts.). 6. Explicate and criticize or defend Russell’s opposition to Christianity (50 pts.). 7. Expound and criticize or defend egoism (50 pts.)....
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