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Chapter 5 Worksheet answers

Chapter 5 Worksheet answers - c_Problem-solving(Cartwright...

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Chapter 5 Worksheet 1. Consciousness is _continuum of alertness; being aware of the world and senses ________. 2. Biological behaviors that would be considered non-conscious would include _hair growth, digestion (automatic behaviors) ___. 3. The two main types of consciousness are _active ______ and __passive __. 4. Stage One of sleep is characterized as __lightest stage; 1-10 min long (might look “awake”) _ 5. Sleep spindles are found in stage _2 _ of sleep. 6. Delta waves occur in stage __3 __ of sleep. 7. What is stage four of sleep like? _deep, hard to wake up, slow brain waves (“paralyzed”) __. 8. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is _paradoxical sleep; dreams occur here, easy to wake up (4-7 cycles per night) . 9. The three theories of dreams are: a. _Adaptive impulse outlet (Freud)- act out inappropriate fantasies __________________ b.
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Unformatted text preview: ________________ c. _Problem-solving (Cartwright)- practice potential behaviors to see if they work ___ 10. What is the difference between sleep-onset insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia ? __sleep-onset- difficulty falling asleep; sleep-maintenance- difficulty staying asleep ______ 11. Hypersomnia occurs when _individuals wants to sleep all the time ___ whereas parasomnia is characterized by _disturbances during sleep (e.g., restless leg syndrome) __________. 12. Alcohol is classified as a __depressant _______. 13. An example of a stimulant would be _caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamines ___________. 14. The class of drugs known to cause the strongest form of physiological addiction is called __opiates (e.g., heroin) ___________....
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