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Chapter 4 Worksheet smith

Chapter 4 Worksheet smith - respond to different regions of...

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Chapter 4 Worksheet 1. A ________________ is a difference threshold that indicates the amount of change in stimulus needed to detect a difference. 2. Sensation is ___________________________________ while perception is ___________________________________________. 3. “The smallest detectable increase in the intensity of a stimulus is a constant proportion of the intensity of the original stimulus” is known as _____________________. 4. Fechner’s law states that ___________________________________________________ 5. The ________________ is a part of the eye that takes in light and an upside-down image, which is then transmitted to the brain. 6. Why is there a blind spot in our vision? ___________________________________________ 7. Rods in the retina are responsible for detecting ______________________ and cones in the retina are responsible for detecting ________________________. 8. Name the theory of color vision that explains that there are 3 receptors in the retina that
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Unformatted text preview: respond to different regions of the color spectrum: ____________________________ and who developed this theory ______________________________________________. 9. How is opponent-process theory different? _____________________________________ 10. What is the name of the theory created to unite these two color vision theories, and what does the theory state? ______________________________________________________ 11. What part of the ear contains receptors that fire and transmit information to the auditory nerve (which then transmits info to the brain)? ___________________________ 12. Similar to the theories of color vision, there are two main theories of audition, which were then combined to form a compromise. They are: a. ____________________________________________________________ b. ____________________________________________________________ c. ____________________________________________________________...
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