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Psyc100.Fall07.Syllabus - PSYCHOLOGY 100 INTRODUCTION TO...

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PSYCHOLOGY 100 - INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY FALL, 2007 Professor : Dr. Barry Smith Administrative TA : Ms. Radha Gholkar, M.A. Email: [email protected] [email protected] Discussion TAs: Cynthia Shaw ( [email protected] ) Mary Rooney ( [email protected] ) Laura Severance ( [email protected] ) Xiafang Chen ( [email protected] ) Katherine Ehrlich ( [email protected] ) Earta Norwood ( [email protected] ) Anne McLane ( [email protected] ) Preethi Kumar ( [email protected] ) Location : BRB 1101 Lecture Time : TuTh 12:30-1:45 Office Hours : To be announced Discussion Times : Per schedule Welcome to the Psychology Department and to Psychology 100! Whether you are interested in becoming a Psychology major or are taking the course to fulfill a requirement, we hope you learn a lot about psychology this semester. We will do everything we can to make your experience in this course interesting and informative. This Syllabus This detailed syllabus is one of your major lifelines to the course. Please read it very carefully. One thing you will notice is that there isn’t much flexibility in how things are done (e.g., you can take exams only on specific dates). That approach is necessary in a large course like this one, as we’re sure you can understand. If you have questions about the contents of the syllabus, see your teaching assistant (TA) for clarification. Because the syllabus is important, we may include a few items taken directly from it in the regular exams . Required Text Required Text : Smith, B.D. (2007). Psychology: Science and Understanding , 3rd edition. New York: Thomson Publishing.
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IMPORTANT NOTE : YOU NEED TO GET THE HARDBACK THIRD (3 rd ) EDITION. The course and exams are taken entirely from the 3rd Edition. The 3 rd edition is easy to spot in the bookstores because it is a HARDBACK book (Earlier editions are in paperback). Asking Questions/Getting Help PLEASE CONTACT ONLY YOUR OWN TA if you have questions. One reason for dividing the course into discussion sections is that this gives every student in the class his or her own TA, and each TA is dealing only with a relatively small number of students, hence giving you more personalized attention. That is why you must contact you own TA. If your TA is not certain of the answer to your question, he/she will contact Ms. Gholkar or Dr. Smith, then either answer your question or refer you to one of them. Included in this syllabus is a list of the TAs and their email addresses. If you would like to come in during your TA's office hours, please schedule an appointment in advance via email, as office hours are sometimes filled. If you have any questions at all about course material, your grades, or other course-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact your own TA. Students with disabilities , please give your signed form from Disability Support Services (DSS) to one of the TAs no later than September 27, 2007 . If DSS has granted you extra time to take exams, please plan to take each exam in the DSS offices, starting exactly at 12:30 on the day scheduled for that exam. You are also
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