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exp 2 lab report

exp 2 lab report - exactly what amount it takes to...

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April moore exp 2 lab report 519 The titration experiment was performed to determine the concentration of an unknown solution by a known volume of an unknown acid. The titration curve compares the results between an unknown weak acid and a strong acid with a NaOH solution. In each test the titration curves are neutralized at or around the same point. The curves were more specific if there were more data points taken. The more points that are taken the more accurate the information is. For example in the tests in part c the range was similar but none of the points were exactly the same. There were 9 mL of base added in test 1, 10 ml added in test 2, and 9.5 ml added in test 3 before the largest pH increase happened. When the trials are done there is no way to find out
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Unformatted text preview: exactly what amount it takes to neutralize with only one trial. You have to use the information from one trail and try to be more specific in the next trial to be more specific. The equivalence point in part c is around a pH of 8 . This is where there is enough base to neutralize the acid. Based on the results the values the values on the titration curves are similar to the values that were observed with the indicators. The results of the percent error show that the trials were fairly accurate. The test was successful. “ An aggie does not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do” On my honor as an aggie I have neither given nor received unauthorized information on this academic work, April Moore...
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