worksheet 5 - Name:_Sneh Shah_sms3444_ Worksheet #5:...

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Name:___ Sneh Shah _______sms3444 _________ Worksheet #5: “ Do Unto Others Introduction to Child Psychology Spring, 2008 Due in class Monday, April 28 Type your responses to the following 3 questions. Be concise but include enough information to reveal the depth of your consideration for each. 1. The article describes several aspects of the Tangchi program. Describe one feature of the program. Showing respect to elders is a big part of their life in Tangchi. Children are taught to not only respect elders, but to respect each other as well. “Filial Reverence” has a big impact on their lives in Tangchi. One should not only love and respect their parents, but they should love and respect everyone around them and in their society. It is an important feature that keeps children from acting up. Most children realize how important this respect is. It minimizes many of the disrespectfulness seen here in the United States. With children yelling at their parents and slamming doors, relationships are just being broken. There, children and parents live together without this problem.
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worksheet 5 - Name:_Sneh Shah_sms3444_ Worksheet #5:...

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