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Drew Mekky II-V[1] - V. Marketing Goals and Objectives A....

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V. Marketing Goals and Objectives A. Marketing Goal A: Market I. Market-Scope Objective: Single Market Objective Definition: Northwest Airlines will choose a specific few markets out of many distinct markets that it is already associated with. Objective: Northwest will target specified markets in order to build awareness because of the products immaturity. Requirements: Northwest will carefully choose out of their many different markets which best three will be selected for entry. Expected Results: Northwest parachutes will sell more products, when they increase profit and awareness in the three specific markets by keeping cost the same. II. Market-Geography Objective: International-Market Objective Definition: Besides conducting business within the United States, Northwest will market outside these borders. Objective: Northwest will seek opportunities in over 10 different countries with parachutes, as well as all seven continents. Requirements: In order for Northwest to fulfill this market goal they will have to have commitment from their top management to sell parachutes as well as gain a large understanding for specific international markets. Expected Results: Northwest Airlines has a lot of brand recognition, it is expected that parachutes will be accepted worldwide.
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III. Market-Entry Objectives: First-In Objective Definition: Northwest parachutes are the first of its kind, being able to save lives when the plane goes astray. Objective: For Northwest to stay on top, they must be able to take risks and change the product every 5 years for re-vamping. Requirements: Understanding parachute strengths will keep this product on top of the competition. Expected Results: Costs will be reduced because of the amount of time the parachute has been in the market, and the amount of competition this product will be faced with early on. Technological advantages within Northwest Airlines will only make it more profitable after re-
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Drew Mekky II-V[1] - V. Marketing Goals and Objectives A....

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