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Lab Report #4 Template Investigating Cellular Respiration Lab group report responsibilities: Primary author of section I (Overview) = Primary author of section II (Results) = Primary author of section III (Conclusions) = Overview: Questions: 1 (addressed in lab): 2 (associated w/ topic): 3 (follow-up): Approach: (write approach here)
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Results: - see report booklet Discussion/Conclusions: Activity 1: Activity 2: Activity 3: Activity 5: The only tubes that showed any CO2 production was the tubes with the crickets in them. This makes sense because all of the other tubes either used photosynthesis and pulled CO2 out of the air or they were nonliving. The control in the experiment was the tube with no sample in it. This tube showed what the levels of CO2 already were in the air inside the tubes. The cricket was the only organism that was performing cellular respiration. But, in the dead cricket it wasn’t the cricket itself performing respiration it was the cells inside its body. The tested seeds were active because the solution that
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Lab Report4-AppConTemp - Lab Report#4 Template...

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