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Lab Report8-AppConTemp - Discussion/Conclusions: Dihybrid...

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Discussion/Conclusions: Dihybrid analysis of Fast Plants using the chi-square statistical test Responses to Review Questions: 1) What is meant by a null hypothesis? What is its role in science? The null hypothesis simply states that there is no significant difference between what was observed and what is expected. We use this in science because in many experiments dealing with statistical data we need to tell whether what we have seen in our experiment is “normal.” It would help a scientist to see whether they have come across something that is unexpected and lead he/she into finding out what was the root of the problem be it outside variables or possibly a new discovery. 2) Think of a hypothetical experiment in which you would use a chi squared test. Why and how would you use it? The experiment with the fast plants showed me a lot about the necessity for a large sample size. Our data in class was not even closely uniform with that of the 9:3:3:1 ratio that should’ve been expected from traits on different chromosomes. But, with
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Lab Report8-AppConTemp - Discussion/Conclusions: Dihybrid...

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