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first stats - William Sharp STAT 218 April 1 2008 Boots...

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William Sharp STAT 218 April 1, 2008 Boots Question: Is there a relation between wearing waterproof boots in San Luis Obispo for one month and getting foot fungus? Background research: I know that fungus tends to grow in a wet environment, but am not sure if this also pertains to human feet. I also know that companies push for waterproof boots and this could possibly also be because it saves feet from getting fungus or other foreign substances. Hypothesis: There will be more fungus found on subject’s feet that have non-waterproof boots as compared to subject’s feet that have waterproof boots on. Data Collection: I will administer an experiment on 50 citizens of San Luis Obispo that were randomly assigned through the use of the last four digits in their phone number and a random number generator which coincided with the phone number. The people were first screened to make sure that they did not already have a foot fungus. They were then
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