Geo-Sci 103 - The Power of Oceans

Geo-Sci 103 - The Power of Oceans - Joseph Dalton 11-9-07...

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Unformatted text preview: Joseph Dalton 11-9-07 Geo-Sci 103 HO-2 Power from the Oceans This article discusses the prospects of wind, wave, and tidal energy industries and their growth potential in a time period where our primary energy sources are beginning to dwindle. These industries are all expected to grow considerably in the next few years. Offshore wind systems use turbines to generate electricity while wave systems use floating rafts or devices fixed to the ocean floor and generate energy from bobbing or pitching. Tidal energy involves erecting a dam across a tidal basin that allows the tide to flow into the basin and then utilizes hydropower from the elevated water. Wind power is prominent in Europe and is currently utilized there. This form of power can also be used in North America, but is currently in developmental and experimentation stages. Wave and tidal energy can also be harnessed in similar areas and Europe continues to lead in these areas of the industry as well. These fairly new industries have a large continues to lead in these areas of the industry as well....
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