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David Navarro EWS 280S May 1, 2006 Dr. Gilbert R. Cadena Journal #3 The role I play in my organization is to set a good example for the kids, and show them that education is the key for success. I try my best to help them understand problems they have on their homework. I also attempt to explain the problems in simpler and less confusing manner. I believe that setting a good example upon these troubled kids makes a difference in their lives. They see that school is not always hard, but with practice and dedication anything is possible. They also learn that hard work later on in life pays off. My social location influences my site by me being a Latino male raised in East Los Angeles. I can easily relate to these kids for the reason that I come from a low-
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Unformatted text preview: income family and my parents could not help me on my homework because they simply did not understand it themselves. I would sometimes struggle while doing my homework that I felt like just giving up. I am sure that there are kids that feel this way in the club, but all they need is a small amount of help, just like I sometimes did. I spend my time at the Boys and Girls Club by tutoring kids and helping them do their homework during Power Hour. When Power Hour is over, I spend my time playing and interacting with the kids. While playing with the kids I also make an effort to set a good example by not cheating and playing fair with them....
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