Journal # 4 - For me it is an excellent opportunity to get...

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David Navarro May 16, 2006 Dr. Gilbert R. Cadena EWS 280 Journal # 4 During this week’s Service Learning at the Boys and Girls Club, I spent my time helping out kids with their homework during Power Hour. During Power Hour every kid must do their homework, if the kids do not have any homework, they are given power sheets. The kids get the opportunity to receive help and guidance while doing their homework. After Power Hour, the kids have the opportunity to play games, compete against each other, work with wood, and crafting. Also, I played with several kids bumper pool, foosball, and pool. By this time at the Boys and Girls Club the kids already know my name and look forward every day to play with me or help them with their homework. The kids expect us to be there every day, and when we do not show up, the kids always ask us the next day why we did not show up. The purpose of this project is to give back to my community and to enhance self growth, and to introduce new and interesting skills that I never knew I was capable of.
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Unformatted text preview: For me it is an excellent opportunity to get experience, and most importantly to help out kids and help them get an opportunity on doing good in school. My role is to set a good example upon the kids and help them with homework problems. My role and time contributes to the organization immensely, since most of the time these organizations are under staffed and do not always have the opportunity to help out every kid. With the help of us volunteers, we give the organization a chance to help out more kids without paying us. My experiences so far have been good. I have had the opportunity to impact kids and help them with their studies. I know that with helping out kids now will help them out in the long run and help them graduate from high school, since there is a high rate of dropouts, I will somehow impact one kid to stay in school and graduate....
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Journal # 4 - For me it is an excellent opportunity to get...

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