Exam Notes - Chapter 8: Socioeconomic Status What is...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8: Socioeconomic Status What is socioeconomic status? o The term socioeconomic status (SES) was coined by American sociologist Lester Ward in 1883. SES combines a persons social and economic position to determine their status within a society. o The most commonly used measures also economic status are income, education, and occupation. Studies published in public health and medical journals often use income, education, or some other single measure as an indicator of socioeconomic status. Although this approach is rather common, it is less than ideal. o This is not ideal because it may not result in accurate results. o For example, higher level of education may not lead to higher level of income. Six commonly used measures of social economic status: o Income o Poverty o Education o Occupation o Occupational Prestige o Wealth Income refers to money obtained from employment, transfer programs or other sources. o Personal Income Income generated by a specific individual. o Family Income Sum of all income generated by related individuals living within a household. o Household Income Sum of all income generated by all individuals living within a household, whether or not they are related. Wealth measures accumulated value of all assets. This includes home equity, value of savings and checking accounts, etc. On average home equity accounts for about 44% of a households net worth. Relationship between socioeconomic status and health? o In general, as socioeconomic status improves health status is improved. Poor people have worst health than non-poor people. Education has positive impact on infant mortality rates regardless of race. There are two theories of the relationship between socioeconomic status and health o Social causation exposure to low SES leads to worsening of health status. o Social Selection poor health status leads to lower socioeconomic status. I t is accepted that Low socioeconomic status leads to poor health status Chapter 9: Behavior and Health Health Behavior is the combination of knowledge, practices, and attitudes that together motivate the actions we take regarding health....
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Exam Notes - Chapter 8: Socioeconomic Status What is...

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