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Review for Final Exam (worth 65 poitns, semicumulative) Draft 2 Major topics: evolution (mechanisms, manifestations), natural selection (mechanisms, consequences), gene flow / genetic drift / mutation, sexual selection, speciation, community ecology, conservation biology. Evidences of evolutionary history Fossils Homologies (Genetic, morphological, biochemical…) Endosymbiosis Banded iron formations Artificial selection Cool idea: PH Gosse’s “Omphalos” Defining evolution Natural selection heritable variation fitness depends on particular traits in particular environments populations, not individuals selection = death to particular phenotypes more than others (or, better reproduction of some phenotypes) Understand how understanding about selection is critical for medicine Directional, Disruptive, Stabilizing selection Other mechanisms of evolution Gene flow, nonrandom mating / inbreeding, genetic drift, mutation. When will these have the biggest evolutionary effect? Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium makes a good null model of evolution. Know the 5 mechanisms of evolution
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Review_for_Final_Exam - Review for Final Exam (worth 65...

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