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Review_for_Exam2 - Review for Exam 2 Bio 101 Three main...

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Review for Exam 2: Bio 101 Three main topics: cellular respiration (40%), oxydative photosynthesis (40%), cell cycle / mitosis (20%) Overriding theme: making and using glucose to generate cellular energy (ATP); electrons as the ultimate energy source. Glycolysis Where does it take place? What becomes of the glucose that starts it off? What, eventually, becomes of the 6 carbons from glucose? What regulates the rate of glycolysis? (Know about phosphofructokinase) Krebs Cycle What happens here that allows the ETC to work? What do NADH and FADH 2 do? Are they reduced or oxidized when they leave the Krebs cycle? How do enzymes work? Electron Transport Chain Where does it take place? How does the arrangement of the integral membrane proteins facilitate the ETC? What do the electrons passed in the ETC do? Where do they end up? Know how hydrogen ions are pumped across the membranes. Know how hydrogen ions interact with ATPsynthase to phosphorylate ADP.
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