Review_for_Exam1 - Here are some ideas concepts and lessons...

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Unformatted text preview: Here are some ideas, concepts and lessons I think are important from the first part of the class. Some big themes that you should be able to apply or illustrate using information from class topics: 1. life is organized 2. structure and function are related at all levels of organization 3. organisms are open systems that interact with their environment 4. continuity of life is based on heredity in the form of DNA 5. science is a means of discovering useful realities about nature Specific ideas and structures you should know, know how they relate to each other, and how they relate to the big themes. A story of the structure of life in 50 parts. 1. The structure of HIV and HIV inffection. How this can be an example for many of the other specific things we’ve learned about membranes, receptors, binding, macromolecules, structure and function of cellular organelles, etc. 2. Chemical bonding: non-polar and polar covalent bonds (why the difference is important); ionic bonds 3. Polarity in molecules: what electrons have to do with it; how to recognize a polar molecule; biological consequences of it; electronegativity 4. The structure and properties of water: hydrogen bonding, ability as a solvent (what kind of molecule can it not dissolve?); why ice folats....
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Review_for_Exam1 - Here are some ideas concepts and lessons...

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