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Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa detests his job, his boss and his lonely life only to wake up from “troubled dreams”[Kaf14] to determine everything has gotten even worse. He’s become an insect. His shell hard, his limbs quivering, he is trapped in his bed unable to even turn over. Rather than worry for his current state of affairs, he begins pondering his difficult job as a traveling salesman. He hates the travel, dislikes his boss, and seems to work much harder than any of the other traveling salesmen. As a dutiful son, Gregor is working to pay off his parents’ debts or he would have “given notice long ago—I’d have marched right up to him and given him a piece of my mind”[Kaf14]. While adamantly complaining about his job, he still fights to get out of bed and ready for work when he discovers how late it is. After his family comes to check on him and he attempts to reassure them, his boss comes to the home wondering why he is late even though the office has barely been open long. Gregor is incapable of pleasing his boss in a business where “even the most negligible falling short was enough to arouse the greatest possible suspicion?”[Kaf14]. When the manager comes banging on the door, his mother defends his as illness being the only reason for his tardiness while showing just how little socialization Gregor has in his life. He is shown as isolated, spending his evenings “quietly reading the newspaper”[Kaf14]. When
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