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The Contemplated Life The lead characters in Sophocles’ Theban Plays are viewed as complex, interesting, and dynamic because they constantly contemplate life’s abstract elements such as curses, love, pain, laws, character, power, fate, divinity, and family ties. The characters’ interest in pursuing or avoiding these abstractions make their lives meaningful. If a man fails to examine the state of affairs in his life, or give thought to what motivates him to take certain actions, he becomes a robot lacking individualism. In Ancient Greece women were to do the opposite, for if they began examining life, they would realize how unfair it was to be subordinated to men. Many problems would arise if women discovered a life worth living and the injustice of being subordinate to men, as was evident in the case of Antigone. In more modern times, women and men alike must examine all of life’s elements,
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Unformatted text preview: or what guides their existence. In the case of state law, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with the state, the conscious experience of pondering rulership, the creation and application of laws, loyality, and the ramifications of living under a government enables one to lead an informed life where s/he consciously understands why s/he operates and lives as s/he does. Questionable actions taken by rulers, such as G.W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq and Creon’s decision to have Antigone killed, lead people to contemplate leadership, and weigh the benefits of being loyal against the risks of protesting for justice. Regardless of whether one supports the war, or values loyalty to the gods above all else, the process of contemplation that leads to the taking of a side makes decisions meaningful, and actions valuable....
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