Reflected Appraisal

Reflected Appraisal - your parents will help you through...

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Reflected Appraisal: The process of seeing and thinking about ourselves in terms of the appraisals of us that others reflect (Another’s view of us) Upper, Downer, Vulture p Upper communicates in a positive way reflect positive appraisal of our self worth, notice strengths accepts weaknesses and help us work on those particular weaknesses r Downer communicates negatively about us and our self worth. They call attention to our flaws and puts down our dreams and goals r Vultures are extreme downers. They attack our self-concepts and initiates harsh criticism. They find our weak spots and exploit them. Vultures pick us apart by focusing on sensitive areas Example: I think I got my girlfriend pregnant. Upper: It’s going to be fine, go to the doctor’s to find out for sure. I’m sure
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Unformatted text preview: your parents will help you through this too, and so will I. Im here for you, anything you need you can ask me. Well get through this together. Downer: Man that sucks. Your life is going to be over if you have this kid. Not to mention the disappointment youll cause. I mean now her life is over too because of a mistake. Her dad is going to ring your neck! Vulture: Thats just dumb. You guys are so stupid. Didnt you learn anything from sex ed back in 8 th grade? I guess not. The kid is going to be retarded like its parents. You wont even know how to take care of it! Way to earn the worst parent award. Maybe you should save the rest of the world and get an abortion now....
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