Chinese150-Religion in Shanghai

Chinese150-Religion in Shanghai - Chinese 150 Religion in...

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Chinese 150 Religion in Shanghai There is not just one religion that dominates in Shanghai. Of the five officially recognized religions in China, all are represented. The city is dotted with places of worship from all five, and then some. With such a diverse culture that pervades the city, it is no surprise that the religion is also so highly varied. The three traditional beliefs- Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism- are represented through lavishly decorated temples scattered about Shanghai. Buddhism has had a presence there since the ancient times. The largest Buddhist temple, as well as the largest temple in the city, is the Longhua Temple (Lónghúa Sì), founded in the Three Kingdoms period, which is dedicated to Maitreya Buddha. Taoism is represented through many temples, the largest being the City God Temple (Chénghuángmiào), administered by the Shanghai Taoist Association. Several temples have also been dedicated to Confucius. Shanghai also happens to be one of the main sources of Christianity in China. There are considerably large congregations belonging to many different denominations. The largest
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Chinese150-Religion in Shanghai - Chinese 150 Religion in...

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