Investigation 35

Investigation 35 - Introduction A theater company wants to...

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Introduction A theater company wants to use a chemical reaction to prepare solutions that look like blood. The solution is composed of potassium thiocyanate and iron (III) nitrate. The more potassium thiocyanate is added the more intense the red color. The equilibrium reaction taking place is the following: Fe 3+ (aq) + NCS - (aq) FeNCS 2+ (aq) In order to control the color of the solution was contracted to find the equilibrium constant for the reaction to understand the conditions under which to control the reaction. A complex ion is formed, and the equilibrium constant for formation of a complex ion (K f ) is calculated using the concentrations of all the aqueous solutions involved in the reaction. The concentration of iron (III) thiocynate was obtained by measuring light absorbance, since absorbance is related to concentration according to Beer-Lambert Law, A= εbC. A standard curve was then used to determine the best linear representation of each wavelength (430nm, 470nm, 565nm). Methods A procedure was designed in order to measure the concentration of iron (III) thiocyanate from the color intensity of a solution. The experiment consisted of 2 parts. Part one consisted of mixing seven different solutions of 0.2M iron (III) nitrate with 0.002M potassium thiocyanate , 0.10M nitric acid, and distilled water, each with different volumes for each mixture. Refer to Table 1 for how solutions were made. A calorimeter was utilized in order to measure the light absorbance of each different solution mixed. Beforehand the calorimeter was calibrated using a blank that consisted of 5 mL of 0.2M
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Investigation 35 - Introduction A theater company wants to...

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