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Civil War 4-17-08 I. Stalemate- 1861 a. Battle of Bull Run- first battle fought mainly by VA militias; confederates declared victory b. Robert E. Lee- decided to go straight through VA and PA into Washington, D.C. on 2 nd day in Gettysburg, Lee ordered 15,000 soldiers to go a mile (across an open field) 10,000 killed (Picket’s Charge) c. George Meade- allowed Robert E. Lee to leave the battle field; Lincoln was angry and kicked Meade out of the army replaced him with Ulysses Grant II. Resources a. Northern War Machine i. Built 5,000 miles of railroad track (to move soldiers) ii. Enrollment Act of 1863- people were drafted into the army (could pay a commutation fee to have someone take your place) iii. Improved medical services- trained hundreds of surgeons; Dorothea Dix organized groups of nurses (very controversial and considered immoral) iv. National banking system- paid through deficit spending and federal income tax b. Confederate Resources- i. Selma- iron works ii. Did not invest in medical treatment
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