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Republican Culture 3-18-08 I. Regions a. North: diverse economy; factories; diverse agriculture (lots of grain, fish, etc.) b. South: concentrated on cotton (major cash crop) c. Trans-Appalachia: “West”- Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee i. Folklore- Daniel Boone (trapper, trader, fought Indians, etc.) Mike Fink- “half man, half alligator” II. Communities- a. 1790- 92 newspapers in the US 1820- 512 newspapers in the US b. 1789- 75 post offices 1820- 8,500 post offices c. Only 10 towns had over 5,000 people i. New York- pop. 60,000 ii. Philadelphia- pop. 60,000 d. Very dark and quiet (no electricity or cars) III. a. Healthy diet b/c of access to vegetables, fruit, and wild game b. Alcohol- high consumption rates; medicines contained alcohol i. 1790- 2.6 gallons of whiskey/rum (avg. per person) ii. 1830- 5.2 gallons of whiskey/rum (avg. per person)
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Alcoholic cider- cheap & effective iv. Popular in winter when people were lonely & isolated c. People performed hard labor and worked dangerous jobs; life was precarious i. Only half of the population would reach age 45 ii. 1/3 of all children died before age 4 iii. Yellow Fever epidemic- 1793 in Philadelphia- killed 10% of the population iv. Childbirth was very dangerous IV. Family a. Marriages were based on economics- husband owned everything; parents were very involved in a daughters choice of who to marry b. Feeling- idea that marriage should be based on more than economics; two people should have feelings for each other c. Women began to actively reduce family size b/c childbirth was so dangerous (avg. 4 children) i. Extended breastfeeding ii. Contraception- animal skins...
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