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20- Political Development - Political Development I Texas...

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Political Development 4-10-08 I. Texas- 30,000 Americans (who owned slaves) living in what was then Mexican territory a. Mexican gov’t had outlawed slavery and tried to restrict immigration of whites into their territory and prohibited bringing in slaves b. 1834- rebellion against Mexican gov’t (whites could not live without slaves) c. 1836- Battle of the Alamo (San Antonio, TX)—Mexicans dominated Americans (were called “butchers working for the pope”) d. 1836- a large influx of Americans defeated the Mexicans e. President John Tyler: southern democrat and slave owner f. John Calhoun- southern senator and slave owner g. Free Soil Whigs h. Oregon- controlled by British; let in as a free sate so that Texas could be a slave state like Calhoun and Tyler wanted i. James Polk- election of 1844- democratic slave holder helped work out the agreement for Texas and Oregon (30 states in the Union— 15 slave and 15 free) II. Mexican War- President James Polk was determined to get SW California
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