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Southern Society (2) 4-8-08 I. Power- Southerners held government power from 1800-1860; most presidents were from the south; 2/3 of the speakers of the house were southerners; majority of supreme court justices were southerners; each slave counted 3/5 of a white person (gave southern states more congressmen) i. Andrew Jackson- 6 of 9 justices were chosen by him (hero after war of 1812) ii. Chief Justice Roger Taney- Dred Scott Decision—slavery allowed everywhere—Dred Scott was moved to IL by his master and still considered a slave even though he was in a free state (this meant slavery must be allowed everywhere) iii. Gag Rule- no discussion/debate of slavery in Congress iv. Fugitive Slave Act- run away slaves could be caught by US Marshals and taken back to their masters v. Abelman vs. Booth- decided that returning run away slaves (fugitive slave act) was constitutional vi. Abraham Lincoln- elected and southern democrats lost power and decided to secede II.
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