Protozoa - (2) Cilia and flagella largely absent (3) Apical...

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Protozoa 1) Introduction to Diversity a) Animal-like protistans i) Kingdom protista? ii) Eukaryotic iii) Unicellular b) Kinds of protists i) Protozoans (1) Heterotrophic/ingestion (2) Some important parasites ii) Algae (1) Autotrophic/photosynthesis iii) Slime molds (1) Heterotrophic 2) Protozoan Phyla a) Phylum retortmonada i) Giardia (1) Parasite of the small intestine (2) “backpacker’s diarrhea” or “beaver fever” (3) Cysts ingested in contaminated water (4) 2 haploid nuclei (5) No mitochondria ii) Euglenozoa – Trypanosoma brucei (1) African sleeping sickness (2) Infects CNS (3) Vector- transmitted by tsetse fly
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iii) Trypanosoma brucei- chagas’ disease (1) Transmitted by type of assassin bug iv) Leishmania - leishmaniasis (1) Lesions (2) Liver and spleen (3) Africa, asia, central and south America v) Phylum Apicomplexa (1) All endoparasites
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Unformatted text preview: (2) Cilia and flagella largely absent (3) Apical complex at anterior end (4) Toxoplasma toxoplasmosis (5) Plasmodium malaria (a) Transmitted by Anopheles mosquitos vi) Phylum Ciliohora (1) Cilia movement (2) Direct food particles (3) Macronucleus polyploidy (4) Micronuclei diploid vii)Phylum Dinoflagellata (1) Unicellular, 2 flagella (2) Planktonic (3) Photosynthetic (4) Heterotrophic, nonpigmented (5) Parasitic (6) Cause red tide (7) Neurotoxin toxic to vertabrates, respiratory failure (8) Pfiesteria discovered in 1988, cause lesions, stun and kill fish viii) Amebas (1) Pseudopodia (2) Engulf food phagocytosis (3) Found in soil and water (4) Some parasitic (5) Amoebic dysentery Entamoeba histolytica...
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Protozoa - (2) Cilia and flagella largely absent (3) Apical...

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