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TAXONOMY Ch. 10 - 1) Binomial Nomenclature a) Genus , specific epithet i) Mimus polyglottos (northern mockingbird) b) both parts must be used to accurately identify the species c) Carl Linnaeus d) Taxon – unit in the classification system e) Domain- eukarya, kingdom- animalia, phylum- chordata, class- mammalia, order- carnivora, family- felidae, genus- panthera, species- Panthera pardus f) The science of systematic attempts to make classification consistent with phylogeny g) Taxa should reflect evolutionary relationships
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Unformatted text preview: i) Monophyletic grouping - recent common ancestor and all descendants (class mammalia) ii) Paraphyletic grouping – recent common ancestor and some but not all descendants ( class reptilian) iii) Polyphyletic grouping – does not include most recent common ancestor (kingdom protista) h) Six kingdoms – eubacteria, archaebacteria, animals, fungi, plants, protists i) 3 domains – eubacteria, archea – archaebacteria, eukaryia – animals, fungi, plants, protists 2) Cladistrics...
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