Chem 101 Final Paper

Chem 101 Final Paper - "Ozone: a misunderstood chemical" As...

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“Ozone: a misunderstood chemical” As learned in elementary science classes year after year, the ozone is just the layer of our atmosphere that traps the UV rays as heat for our planet, right? Now how come I was never told that ‘ozone’ was actually a chemical, O3, and not just a location surrounding the earth. Where was this article when I was just a young student learning about chemistry and the Earth. “Ozone” (the article) from the Chemical of the Week section found at gives a much more interesting and educational write up on ozone, giving it the recognition it deserves. So, here’s the truth about Ozone, the stuff that was hidden from us all these years. First of all, Ozone is simply a different form of the oxygen we know and love. Ozone has three oxygen atoms bonded together. Naturally, ozone has a very distinct odor and is actually a pale blue color. And even at extreme temperatures it can be condensed to a dark blue liquid, and frozen at even rarer temperatures. However, since it has as extra oxygen atom than the normal O2 we are accustomed to, it is unstable and thus very reactive. According to the article, “even at low concentrations
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Chem 101 Final Paper - "Ozone: a misunderstood chemical" As...

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