Educ 192A Paper 3

Educ 192A Paper 3 - Therese Wed 1:00 pm Future Education...

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Therese – Wed 1:00 pm Future Education Education is easily one of the most influential aspects of our lives in this world today. Each day billions of students enter a classroom, which is ultimately supposed to help them prepare themselves for the world that awaits them upon graduation. What the students of today are taught will determine the future of each student, as well as our society as a whole. With the infinite amount of problems encountered everyday throughout the entire planet, the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and it is up to the schools and educators to help ready them for the obstacles that lie ahead. Although the mathematics and grammar and history are very crucial for a student to learn as he or she progresses through life, problem solving is an essential. With the problems of war, natural recourses, economics, and the many other worldwide epidemics, the future leaders of the world must be prepared to cope with problems of that magnitude. Obviously for certain issues the normal topics like mathematics and chemistry will be a huge help when trying to solve some of the major problems. However, students must be taught how to hone these skills in a problem solving matter. Life is all about learning and growing from mistakes made. We learn through
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Educ 192A Paper 3 - Therese Wed 1:00 pm Future Education...

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