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comm lecture 1 notes - Lecture 1 Eving Goffman Gender...

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Lecture 1 Eving Goffman- Gender Advertisements how advertisement works in terms of gender -talks about human beings being in the center of pleasure -starts off, central concepts: 1. Ceremony 2. Display 3. Ritual these are actions/events primary function to give meaning to social life, to communicate something, make meaning concrete in some way. =Actions or events that give meaning to social life. -tells us how all of us act on a daily basis, analysis of advertisement of what it tells us about the every day lives that we live. -We are communicating how we want to be seen Quote #1-”Goffman”- saying we are always communicating, and we end up using codes and short hands. So that others can read them. Primary function of somethings is to communicate. We use codes that we recognize and other people recognize. Goffman - interested HOW we communicate ideas about GENDER Separation of what real men are and what real women are, very little of that is natural. Goffman looks at cultural function of what masculinity is. Sex is biological. Gender is the social and Cultural meanings we give to that difference. Quote #2- Goffman- If sex is supposed to equal gender, then when we act male or female we can call that gender display. We call that the difference how males/females play out= Gender Display. Says- every society has rituals built into it. Biggest Ritual Event- Superbowl: largest number of people are doing the same thing. Celebrating militarism. Game shows- men doing important things. Ritual- celebrates what really exists. Body Postures are DISPLAYS, part of a PERFORMANCE we give to let others know who we are. We use codes to communicate ideas about who we are and we use codes to display our gender to others. . they come from? Reflect another world. -found in parent child complex. Btw adults and children. Females- children males- adults -These are the codes that we use, that we have in our heads and bodies to communicate our gender. For females to become normal in this culture they have to present themselves as children, that is what is normal. These codes are used in ads
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Now introducing concept of power Quote 3- Goffman- females equivalent to subordinate males, and both are equivalent to children. -women are equivalent to children -built into the ways that our bodies operate. Subconsciously “Girl” - refers to anyone from 2-50 in our culture - refers to anyone from 2-21, very rarely grown men called boys insult regarding to black male Words always mean something- when people resist saying something it means that it does matter. -sticks and stones may break my bones but words will always kill me (hurt me). Goffman How do we look at advertising? -same way we look at world of strangers -truncated view of social reality (broad generalizations) -we always have to make sense, giving meaning to the world. Does the world make sense? Quote #4
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comm lecture 1 notes - Lecture 1 Eving Goffman Gender...

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